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Vocals/Lead Guitar/Harmonica

Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar

Bass Guitar


Graham Matthews
Vocals/Lead Guitar/Harmonica

Graham is a self taught guitarist who started learning at age 9. 

He has performed solo for many years before getting involved with numerous bands including: The Freshmen, Sandy Beach and the Deck Chairs, Tone Deaf, On Fire and Ruff as Gutz.

Graham writes and composes a wide range of excellent original material.

Current Job Council Worker
Favourite Food Mulligan Stew
Favourite Drink Scotch
Favourite Artist/Band Deep Purple
Wants To Be Happy and Content
John John Costolo
Rhythm Guitar
John was born at a young age in the USA. He has played in America, Britain and Australia performing solo and in various types of bands including: OU 110, Image,  The Heartbreakers and Naked Heart.

John has written soundtracks for CountrySide Image Videos in the UK and enjoys midi sequencing.
Current Job Primary Teacher
Favourite Food Pizza, Pizza, Pizza
Favourite Drink Light Beer
Favourite Artist/Band Iona
Wants To Be In the Wiggles

John tuning

Dennis Dennis Kennedy
Bass Guitar

Dennis is the veteran of the group. Dennis was playing in bands back in the 60's. Bands include: Allies, Soul Agents, Cash and Company, Bandit, RWD (Ready Willing and Disabled) and Foreplay.

Dennis enjoys playing good music and his highlight is sharing a stubbie with Billy Thorpe.
Current Job Primary Principal
Favourite Food Pasta
Favourite Drink Water
Favourite Artist/Band Billy Thorpe
Wants To Be Retired

Adam Cartledge

Adam started playing music in 1982 at the start of highschool. He played in a highschool band and studied most types of music at the Conservatorium of Hard knocks. Featured in many bands from Central Coast to the outback including: Wasted Angel, New Age Junkies, Ruff az Gutz plus many more.

Adam plays all percussion instruments and bass guitar.

Current Job Self Employed
Favourite Food Mango Chicken
Favourite Drink Coke
Favourite Artist/Band Angus Young
Wants To Be Successful Musician



The Band

Song List